Matthew Crid­er: Crid­er Law is a bou­tique law firm. We focus on four main areas of law.

First, we han­dle estate plan­ning and elder law. Sec­ond, we han­dle estate and pro­bate admin­is­tra­tion. Third, we han­dle pro­bate lit­i­ga­tion and trust lit­i­ga­tion. Fourth, we han­dle fam­i­ly law.

What the­se four areas have in com­mon is that they help indi­vid­u­als who are going through changes in their life, who need skilled coun­sel to help them nav­i­gate the legal maze, so that they can achieve their goals and pro­tect them­selves and their loved ones.

A lot of times, when peo­ple deal with a lawyer, they’re in cri­sis. Our first job is to help peo­ple feel com­fort­able, then we lis­ten to them, then we help them come up with a solu­tion that ulti­mate­ly solves their prob­lem. At the end of the day, our ulti­mate job is to help peo­ple sleep bet­ter at night.

Here at Crid­er Law we want to cre­ate lietime rela­tion­ships with our clients. We want to see peo­ple at least annu­al­ly or on a con­sis­tent basis. People’s lives change, their finan­cial sit­u­a­tions change, and the law changes. Here at Crid­er Law we want to be there for you, for those changes.