Matthew Crid­er: We provide full ser­vices for our divorce and fam­i­ly law clients. That includes every­thing from fil­ing the case to con­duct­ing dis­cov­ery dur­ing the case, nego­ti­a­tion, set­tle­ment, if there is a set­tle­ment, or tri­al, if we must have a tri­al. That includes divorce, child cus­tody, spousal sup­port, child sup­port.

I like help­ing indi­vid­u­als. A lot of my clients are in a state of cri­sis when they come to me. I see my job as help­ing them sleep bet­ter at night, know­ing that some­body is help­ing them through the dif­fi­cult time and the dif­fi­cult process.

When some­body comes in, the ques­tion always is, “What should I expect when I walk in the door?” Real­ly, from before the first meet­ing, from the ini­tial phone call up through the first meet­ing, includ­ing the time after we’re actu­al­ly retained to rep­re­sent some­body, a per­son can expect to be well tak­en care of.

We strive to over com­mu­ni­cate with our clients so that they know every aspect of their case. Ulti­mate­ly, in a divorce con­text, or if it’s a cus­tody or some oth­er fam­i­ly law relat­ed con­text, it’s the client’s case. It’s not ours. We over com­mu­ni­cate with our clients so that they have all of the infor­ma­tion that they need to make an informed deci­sion about their case.