The request­ing spouse must dis­close all infor­ma­tion about income and expens­es. For child sup­port, the judge will use a def­i­n­i­tion very sim­i­lar to what is used by the IRS: Income is all income from what­ev­er source derived. This includes income from salary, com­mis­sions, bonus­es, pub­lic assis­tance, spousal sup­port (but not child sup­port), part­ner sup­port, pen­sion … Read More

To obtain child sup­port, the request­ing par­ent must pre­pare and file a motion or Request for Order (Judi­cial Coun­cil Form FL-300), an Income and Expense Dec­la­ra­tion (Judi­cial Coun­cil Form FL-150) or Sim­pli­fied Finan­cial State­ment (Judi­cial Coun­cil Form FL-155) in cer­tain cir­cum­stances, and a Proof of Ser­vice (usu­al­ly Judi­cial Coun­cil Form POS-030 or POS-040). The doc­u­ments … Read More

Child Sup­port and Vis­i­ta­tion Are Sep­a­rate Duties No. The right to receive child sup­port is a sep­a­rate issue from the respon­si­bil­i­ty to turn the child over for vis­i­ta­tion with the oth­er par­ent. If the par­ent oblig­at­ed to pay child sup­port does not pay, but wants vis­i­ta­tion under to the judge’s order, it is impor­tant to … Read More

Child Sup­port Is Not Dis­charge­able in Bank­rupt­cy Can child sup­port be dis­charged in bank­rupt­cy? No. Sup­port oblig­a­tions, includ­ing accrued inter­est, are nondis­charge­able in bank­rupt­cy. All domes­tic sup­port oblig­a­tions are nondis­charge­able in bank­rupt­cy. This means that child sup­port and spousal sup­port are nondis­charge­able in bank­rupt­cy. Spousal Sup­port Also Not Dis­charge­able In fact, sev­er­al sec­tions of the bank­rupt­cy … Read More

Con­test­ed Divorce Uncon­test­ed Divorce Are you fac­ing the prospect of divorce? Unsure about what you need to do now to pro­tect your inter­ests and those of your fam­i­ly? Wor­ried about how you and your fam­i­ly will cope finan­cial­ly and emo­tion­al­ly in the future? You are not alone. The expe­ri­enced Sacra­men­to divorce lawyers at Crid­er Law … Read More