For Many Veterans, Battle Trauma Is a Life-Long War

NPR reports that a new study has troubling implications for American’s veterans of the past, present, and future. The study, published in the widely respected JAMA Psychiatry journal, documents hundreds of thousands of cases of ongoing mental health problems in veterans of the Vietnam War. Those findings are significant for two reasons: (1) the subjects… Read More »

3 Signs That You Might Develop Dementia Someday

As more and more evidence suggests that dementia might be largely preventable, there is newfound interest in finding ways to avoid the devastating diagnosis. As with most chronic and terminal illnesses, the ability to recognize early warning signs is of chief importance. Newsmax Health recently identified three of these key warning signs, and they are… Read More »

Have Kids in Your Will? Get Creative!

When parents put together an estate plan, they typically take one of two approaches toward their children: “give them everything” or “give them nothing.” Both make sense in the right situations, but maybe there’s a middle ground. In a new series of estate planning articles, Yahoo! Finance urges parents to get a little creative when… Read More »