Can Nursing Homes Go After Your Trusts to Pay Their Bills?

Nursing homes are expensive. The same goes for just about any kind of senior assistance or long-term care. So how are elderly people of modest means supposed to cope? A recent Gannett article lays out the three basic options: Get the government to foot the bill. Medicaid (Medi-Cal) will pay for some nursing home care, […]

The Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes

Everyone knows an estate plan is a good idea, but too few actually follow through on one. Even then, people who think they’ve dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” still make critical errors that will cause headache or hardship for the family down the line. On a national scale, the impact of inadequate estate […]

Robin Williams and the Importance of Specificity in Trusts

“Even the most mundane items can be fodder for fights.” View image | That’s the headline in Investment News — a report on Robin Williams’ estate plan and the nasty family feud it’s left behind. The media is abuzz this month over litigation pitting the actor’s wife and children against one another in court. […]

Tom Clancy’s Estate Plans: Not as Tight as His Novels

In recent months, we’ve had occasion to tell you about a few late celebrities’ apparently airtight estate plans, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers among them. View image | Celebrities don’t always leave their affairs in such tidy order, though. The very public probate of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s estate is one recent example. Now we […]

Trusts Aren’t Just for the Wealthy

When you hear “trust” — and especially “trust fund” — you probably conjure up images of caviar, silver spoons, and six-wing mansions. That’s the stereotype, and we all carry it around with us. But is it really fair? View image | Not at all. We’re here to tell you that trusts are for everyone. […]

Five Estate Planning Lessons from Frozen

Over the weekend my family and I watched Frozen at Movies in the Park. Frozen is Disney’s reinterpretation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ice Queen fairy tale.  As I watched the movie for the umpteenth time (my daughter is 5, after all), I realized that the movie contains some really good estate planning lessons.  [SPOILER ALERT: This article assumes […]

NAMI Offer Help In Difficult Area Of Special Needs Estate Planning

In the Oscar-winning 1979 documentary “Best Boy,” director Ira Wohl spent three years filming the life and times of his middle-aged cousin, a New York City man with a developmental disability everyone called Philly, although his name was Philip. Over the course of the film, it becomes clear that Philly’s aging parents, more than Philly […]

John Adams Charitable Trust Mismanaged 60 Years

A charitable trust set up in 1822 by John Adams, second president of the United States, has been mismanaged since 1953. The Adams Temple and School Fund was set up to benefit religious and educational interests in and around Quincy, Mass., Adams’ home town. But a lawsuit has revealed that Quincy city officials, while acting […]

States Moving To Reduce Estate Taxes

The federal estate tax is not much of an issue for most Americans. With the exemption now at $5.34 million, or $10.68 million for a couple, only the wealthiest have to worry about it. And the exemptions will continue to rise with inflation. But, in many states, estate taxes continue to be an issue for […]

The Disney Family: Not Suitable for a Disney Movie

Disney movies are typically light and fluffy, suitable for children, but the story of the real Disney family isn’t quite so happy.. There is a vicious battle currently underway over $400 million that has torn the heirs of Walt Disney apart. The legal fight began when Michelle Lund, granddaughter of the founder of the Disney […]