Stop Inheritance Feuds Before They Start

Family members routinely fight over cash, stocks and other large assets after a relative dies. But some of the most bitter fights are over trinkets. More than half of lawsuits over inheritances involve items worth less than 10 percent of a person’s estate, according to an article on That’s because they have emotional not […]

Do You Need A Prenup?

Prenups aren’t the easiest things to accomplish. Not the legal paperwork, the emotions. While getting a prenup may seem like the most logical thing in the world to one party, the other may see it as a snub or insult. Feelings are easily hurt. But experts say it is important to have financial talks before […]

A Lesson Learned From Phillip Seymour Hoffman

No, not a lesson about drug use, although that is obvious. This lesson has to do with estate planning and how important it is to have an estate plan when going through a personal crisis, according to an article on Phillip Seymour Hoffman, perhaps the greatest actor of his generation, died of a heroin […]

Doctors Do Poor Job In Predicting How Long Seriously Ill Patients Will Live

If you have been diagnosed with a serious illness, you probably want to know what your prognosis is, for a variety of reasons, including treatment options and estate planning. But doctors do a poor job in giving estimates as to how long a patient is likely to live.  In fact, they are wrong more often […]

Using Charity As An Estate Planning Tool

There are two ways rich folks tend to give to charity. Those in one group have a cause or causes they believe in and give generously. Those in the other group use charitable giving as an estate planning tool. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, those in the first group — the […]

What To Do About Old Sex Toys?

Here’s a dilemma most boomers probably haven’t thought about. How to get rid of old sex toys that might be stashed in a box somewhere in the basement or in a closet. As boomers age, there is always the chance they can go at any time. But what happens if you die unexpectedly, or die […]

Boomers Want Keepsakes More Than Money

Because of the economic downturn, steep health care costs and a longer life span, parents of boomers may have less to leave to their children than might have been anticipated. But that’s okay with the boomers. They want things that money can’t buy, they say. According to an article on MarketWatch, boomers are more interested […]

Astor estate starts handing out money to charities

Six years after her death, the estate of philanthropist and socialite Brooke Astor has made the first round of charitable donations from a fund created by her estate. The New York Community Trust has awarded $9.2 million in grants to New York-based education and literacy programs. The grants come from the approximately $43 million in […]

Should you change your will at the last minute?

People who don’t have long to live often decide to make last-minute changes to their wills. If this is done correctly, such deathbed changes may save their families taxes and prevent administrative hassles, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal. But if done incorrectly, such last-minute changes can leave a will open to […]

Baby boomers flocking to sign prenups

Baby boomers seeking to protect their assets are increasingly using prenuptial agreements, once a tool used mostly by the rich and famous. Such agreements are legal contracts drawn up prior to a marriage to set out what happens to assets in the case of a divorce or death. According to an article in The Wall […]