Reasons for Updating an Already-Finished Estate Plan

Long before Jim Carrey went green in Gotham and battled Batman, the world knew a different man as “The Riddler.” He wasn’t a villain or even a fictional character, but rather a widely respected Greek philosopher known as Heraclitus of Ephesus. View image | Heraclitus earned his reputation as “The Riddler” and “The Obscure” […]

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Children Battle in Court Over His Estate

Nearly forty-seven years have passed since the tragic assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His incredible life and legacy continue to command our attention and admiration all these decades later. This year, his story is remembered anew thanks to the movie Selma and its several Oscar nominations. View image | The Academy Awards […]

Crazy Estates Get a TV Show with “Strange Inheritance”

Estate law doesn’t always enjoy a reputation as the most exciting topic under the sun. That’s why we’re pleased to hear of a new TV show that shines a light on estates and their sometimes-unpredictable legacies. View image | As first announced in The Hollywood Reporter, “Strange Inheritance” is a reality show that follows […]

What “Downton Abbey” Teaches Us About Financial Planning

“Downton Abbey” is a show all about money — those who have it, those who don’t, and the tensions and expectations it can bring. View image | It stands to reason, then, that we might glean a lesson or two about financial prudence from the British series’ ever-quotable aristocrats. CNN took up that very […]

Tom Clancy’s Estate Plans: Not as Tight as His Novels

In recent months, we’ve had occasion to tell you about a few late celebrities’ apparently airtight estate plans, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers among them. View image | Celebrities don’t always leave their affairs in such tidy order, though. The very public probate of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s estate is one recent example. Now we […]

A New Year, A New Increase in the Estate Tax Exemption

A new year always brings a number of new changes to the state and federal tax rules. Right off the bat, one of 2015’s more notable changes involves the federal estate tax exemption. View image | In 2014, estates worth $5.34 million or less were exempted from the federal estate tax — a big […]

Trusts Aren’t Just for the Wealthy

When you hear “trust” — and especially “trust fund” — you probably conjure up images of caviar, silver spoons, and six-wing mansions. That’s the stereotype, and we all carry it around with us. But is it really fair? View image | Not at all. We’re here to tell you that trusts are for everyone. […]

Estate Planning Is Important for Single Parents

Conversations about estate planning tend to focus on marital units — that is, married parents of children. It is important, though, that we not overlook the many other kinds of families and estates out there. Often, their estate needs are even more urgent. View image | In particular, single parents need to give serious […]

December is the Time to Talk with Family About Estate Planning

Which kinds of conversations did you have with your family this Thanksgiving? Weather? Careers? Memories of holidays past? View image | Those are all staples of any year-end gathering, but allow us to suggest one other topic to add to December’s family functions: the future. Strange as it may seem, many experts recommend holiday […]

Basic Estate Planning: Tips for Beginners

Estate planning isn’t always a comfortable topic for people to consider, nor is it an easy process to tackle. But it doesn’t have to be insurmountable. #159955157 / MarketWatch recently published “9 steps to getting your estate plan in order.” They provide some great advice, geared primarily toward those who’ve just lost a loved […]