Estate Planning Is Important for Single Parents

Conversations about estate planning tend to focus on marital units — that is, married parents of children. It is important, though, that we not overlook the many other kinds of families and estates out there. Often, their estate needs are even more urgent. View image | In particular, single parents need to give serious […]

December is the Time to Talk with Family About Estate Planning

Which kinds of conversations did you have with your family this Thanksgiving? Weather? Careers? Memories of holidays past? View image | Those are all staples of any year-end gathering, but allow us to suggest one other topic to add to December’s family functions: the future. Strange as it may seem, many experts recommend holiday […]

Basic Estate Planning: Tips for Beginners

Estate planning isn’t always a comfortable topic for people to consider, nor is it an easy process to tackle. But it doesn’t have to be insurmountable. #159955157 / MarketWatch recently published “9 steps to getting your estate plan in order.” They provide some great advice, geared primarily toward those who’ve just lost a loved […]

Why “Last Will” Really Means “First Step”

We call it the “Last Will and Testament.” But when you’re planning your estate, the will is hardly the last thing you need to do. On the contrary, it’s only the beginning. #102070486 / The New York Times recently put a spotlight on just how elaborate estate planning has become in the modern world. […]

Joan Rivers: Lessons from a Life Well Lived

It’s been two months since Joan Rivers passed away and she’s still a part of the media cycle. That’s a testament to the impact she made on the culture… an impact we may not have quite realized until she was gone. But then that’s often how it goes. #170147899 / The estate planning community […]

Is It Really Impossible to Have Both Family and Fortune?

How much is your family costing you? Does “everything” sound like an overestimate? Not according to one Forbes financial writer. #142456905 / In an interesting but arguably excessively cynical analysis, columnist Phil DeMuth opines that you can either be rich or have a family — not both. And even those lucky enough to pull […]

Five Estate Planning Lessons from Frozen

Over the weekend my family and I watched Frozen at Movies in the Park. Frozen is Disney’s reinterpretation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ice Queen fairy tale.  As I watched the movie for the umpteenth time (my daughter is 5, after all), I realized that the movie contains some really good estate planning lessons.  [SPOILER ALERT: This article assumes […]

NAMI Offer Help In Difficult Area Of Special Needs Estate Planning

In the Oscar-winning 1979 documentary “Best Boy,” director Ira Wohl spent three years filming the life and times of his middle-aged cousin, a New York City man with a developmental disability everyone called Philly, although his name was Philip. Over the course of the film, it becomes clear that Philly’s aging parents, more than Philly […]

Proper Estate Planning Can Ease Everyone’s Mind

While death is just as inevitable as taxes, dying without being properly prepared is not. Proper estate planning, one that delves into as many contingencies as possible, can provide great comfort to not only the person reaching the end of the line but also to friends, family and loved ones of all kinds. “Dying is […]

Planning For Death, Like Estate Planning, Is A Last Gift To Loved Ones

Proper estate planning is like a gift people give to their loved ones and possibly to organizations they wish to include in the disbursement of their holdings. Another gift, one that is much more emotionally charged but equally important, is careful planning for death. It’s not a topic many people want to address, but then […]