Planning For Death, Like Estate Planning, Is A Last Gift To Loved Ones

Proper estate planning is like a gift people give to their loved ones and possibly to organizations they wish to include in the disbursement of their holdings. Another gift, one that is much more emotionally charged but equally important, is careful planning for death. It’s not a topic many people want to address, but then […]

Celebrity Estate Planning Foul-Ups Provide Lessons To Learn From

An article in Forbes magazine a while back points out that there are lessons to be learned in estate planning from some celebrities. For the most part that lesson is: Don’t do what these people did. “Like many Americans, you may feel a guilty pleasure watching celebrities make silly mistakes on national television,” the article […]

Estate Advisors Are Urged To Influence Clients Toward Charity, And That’s Because It’s Not Only Good For Others But Also The Giver

Doing good works is not only good for the soul. “The idea that doing good for others is beneficial to the giver as well as the receiver is well established by science,” stated a recent article on by Richard Newman and David Foster. “There’s an abundance of scientific research that’s been conducted on the […]

Elderly Self-Neglect Up To Others To Notice

The question is not “if?” but “when?” It is inevitable that as people get older, at some point they will no longer be able to take care of themselves. By then, however, the individual is in no position to be the judge of needing help, and the difficult decision of stepping in must fall to […]

Dementia Screening Now Covered, But Does It Help?

On the one hand, the law now requires Medicare to cover screening for cognitive impairment during an annual checkup. On the other hand, a recent story in The Washington Post noted, “an influential group said there wasn’t enough evidence to recommend dementia screening on a routine basis for people older than 65.” “In its review, […]

Supreme Court Finds Inherited IRAs Not Protected In Bankruptcy

In case you missed it, the Supreme Court ruled yesterday that inherited IRAs are not protected in bankruptcy. Forbes has a great summary, which you can read here. The gist is that inherited IRAs are not “retirement” accounts of the person who inherits them, and, the Court concluded,  are not protected in bankruptcy. The Court […]

Cost-Saving Ends Little-Known Program At SSA

After seven decades of what The Baltimore Sun called a “curious side business,” the Social Security Administration will no longer help people connect with long-lost relatives. “Since the end of World War II, the Social Security Administration has offered a letter-forwarding service to genealogists, investigators and people who lost track of family members as addresses […]

Loneliness Can Be Hardest On The Elderly

Loneliness is just plain unpleasant for everyone. The condition can be more than just emotionally debilitating for older people, according to a recent study reported on the website of the University of California, San Francisco. “In our typical medical model, we don’t think of subjective feelings as affecting health,” first author Dr. Carla Perissinotto, assistant […]

Estate Planning For The Majority

Many estate planning attorneys and financial managers are thrilled to talk about their super wealthy clients. But most of their clients fall into a slightly lower tier. The majority of their clients are those with net worths of between $5 million and $10 million, says an article in Forbes. For these clients, a boon came […]

Mickey Rooney’s Will Prompts Fight

It appears there will be a court battle over actor Mickey Rooney’s remains and just who will make the decision on his burial. The legendary actor disinherited his children, wife and all but one of her children in a will signed by him just weeks before his death, in April, at age 93, says an […]