Sacramento Divorce Lawyer On 10 Ways To Survive a Child Custody Case

As a Sacramento divorce lawyer, people frequently ask me how they can best survive their custody case in their divorce. This post discusses the top 10 ways to do this. 10. Before embarking on a California custody dispute, remember that it should not be about you or the other parent, but what is in the […]

Sacramento Probate Lawyer On Estate Planning Issues for Same Sex Couples

Over the past few years certain states have taken steps to legalize same-sex unions, with many same-sex couples joyously taking advantage of the new laws… but in spite of state approval, these newly married couples do not have the same rights as traditional married couples under federal law.  This recent article from Elder Law Answers […]

Sacramento Divorce Lawyer provides Ten Steps for Anyone Considering Divorce

Many of our clients here at Crider Law ask for practical suggestions before filing for divorce. So we have developed this list of suggestion. We previously have offered similar suggestions here. Start with a good marriage counselor. If not marriage counseling, go at least for yourself. A divorce should be a last step, rather than […]

10 Key Ways to Communicate With Your Family Law Attorney

Communication in any relationship is critical. Many marriages fail because of a failure to communicate. A divorce is one of the most traumatic times in your life. Psychologists have said and studies have shown that the worst thing anyone can go through is the death of a child. The second worst is the death of […]

Estate Planning for Adoptive Families

We’ve mentioned in previous posts how important it is to update your estate plan when you experience big life changes; this includes moving, getting married, having a child… and it especially includes adopting a child. A recent article in Forbes reminds us that “An adopted child only has rights to your estate once the adoption […]

Make It Easy for Your Heirs to Say “No”

People have been known to do crazy things when taxes are as unpredictable as they are currently.  No, we don’t mean “offing” their relatives (although there have been plenty of those kinds of jokes going around this year), we’re talking about saying “No thanks” to an inheritance (also called disclaiming.)  This article in explains […]

Family and Future: The Keys to Top Notch Estate Planning

We write a lot on this blog about what estate planning is truly about: it’s about laws, taxes, assets, and documents of course; but deep down, estate planning is about relationships. As estate planners and advisors, an important part of what we do is creating the best estate planning or asset protection vehicle we can […]

How to Find the Right Sacramento Divorce Lawyer

Hiring an attorney is one of the most important decisions one makes when facing a divorce, separation, child custody, visitation, or child support case in Family Court.  Making a wise decision can help you obtain a better outcome in your case, and making a poor decision can result in life-changing consequences.  The following tips can […]

The Ins and Outs of Incapacity

Most people think that having a trust is about controlling (to an extent) what happens to your assets after you die.  This is true, but a trust actually has a much broader scope: a trust can also protect and provide for your loved ones—and more importantly, it can protect and provide for you—if you should […]

Sacramento Divorce Lawyer On Child Custody: Ex-Etiquette in Co-Parenting

The transition from an intimate partnership in which the parents share a personal relationship to the more distant co-parent relationship following a child custody case is difficult for many people to manage. Despite its prevalence—consider the many Hollywood co-parenting scenarios—there are few social norms and cues to help parents who are living apart. The difficulty is compounded because […]