Just Say No? Medical Marijuana in Nursing Homes

The legalization of marijuana is on the ballot in California this November, but California isn’t the only part of the country where marijuana is making news.  The use of marijuana for medical purposes is being debated around the nation—especially as concerns elderly patients in nursing homes which receive federal funding through Medicare or Medicaid. This […]

How to Find the Best Long-Term Care Policy

As the average life-span increases—and the cost of medical care along with it—more and more people are beginning to see the need for long-term care insurance.  Simply having a retirement plan isn’t enough anymore. Saving for retirement now means not only saving for your living expenses, it means preparing and saving for your health care […]

Parenting Plan Discussed By Sacramento Divorce Attorney

Here at Crider Law, we frequently receive questions about what goes into a parenting plan when people in Sacramento are getting divorced. Here’s a list of issues that must be addressed to form the basis of a parenting plan in a Sacramento Divorce:   Which house is identified as “home base” for the children? When […]

Sacramento Divorce Lawyer Discusses Mel Gibson’s Search for Attorney

Wow.  Can it really be that complicated?  According to TMZ.com Mel Gibson’s  ex, Oksana Grigorieva, is on her 40th lawyer in legal battle with the Holloywood star.  You read that right, her 40th lawyer! The new man in Oksana’s life is Mitchell Jacobs — a family law attorney who has been a Board Certified Family […]

Take Care in Making Large Gifts to Heirs

Do you have a provision in your will or trust to pass your house on to your kids when you die?  If so, you may want to consider giving the house to them now, before the end of the year. According to this article in the New York Times, doing so could be beneficial to […]

Plan Ahead to Avoid Financial Pitfalls in 2011

A recent article in U.S. News and World Report points out that although “the Great Recession may technically be over… Consumers [still] don’t want to spend and are still slowly digging their way out of the mountain of mortgage and personal debt that helped fuel the downturn.” Among those groups who are still struggling the […]

Can You Foolproof Your Power of Attorney?

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”  Although we hate to admit it, this statement will also sometimes apply to estate planning; and more often than we would like, it happens with powers of attorney. A power of attorney is the document in which you nominate an agent (or attorney-in-fact) to […]

Sacramento Divorce Lawyer Discusses Child Custody For Fathers

If you are a father concerned about the custody of your child, you would want to know the most painless way forward to obtain custody of your child, both for you as well as for your child. You might also be worried that in the case of divorce, your wife might get custody of your […]

What Is Probate?

With all the recent news about what will happen with estate taxes, the process of probate has come up quite a bit.  Sometimes probate is mentioned in a low-key, matter-of-fact kind of way; at other times it is presented as something scary, and to be avoided at all costs. We know our readers have seen […]

Prepare Now for an Uncertain Future

There’s a useful saying that goes something like this: “Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.”  Never has that saying been as useful as it is right now in regards to asset protection and estate planning.  As Laura Lallos mentions in her article in the Morningstar Advisor, “Estate attorneys are trained to prepare for […]