Caregiver Compensation Agreements Benefit Elders AND Caregivers

Caring for an aging relative is hard work.  Many of the people who serve as caregivers admit that they often feel as if they have two jobs—their day job, and the part-to-full-time job of caregiver. If you consider that in our fast-paced society time is money, then most of these caregivers are not only giving […]

No Estate Taxes for POD Beneficiary

Before James died without a will, and with an estate valued at about $12 million, he had designated his teenage goddaughter, Jessica, as the beneficiary on two payable on death (POD) accounts worth almost $4 million at his death. Jessica and her parents were then sued by James’s estate, which was seeking reimbursement for the […]

Great Estate Planning Quote

Everyone gets organized at some point, they just might not be around for it.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Started With Your Estate Planning

You’ve heard all the arguments in favor of estate planning, you know it’s the right thing to do, you want to get your planning done… you just aren’t sure how to get started.  This is understandable; estate planning can feel like an overwhelming endeavor when you’re presented with everything at once.  The trick to getting […]

Debunking 5 Common Estate Planning Myths

There are five common myths that frustrate all estate planners—particularly because we know that not only are they patently untrue, but also because their continued circulation can be harmful.  1. Estate Planning is only for rich people. This is probably the single most common estate planning myth there is—and it is a myth. During a […]

Women and Finances: How Estate Planning Can Help

When it comes to family matters women are often the head (and sometimes the sole member) of the planning committee.  Vacations, dinner parties, school activities and celebrations… many of these wouldn’t happen at all if the women of the family didn’t take the lead.  Estate Planning tends to be no different: Many first phone calls, […]

Do Expected Changes to GRAT Legislation Affect YOUR Plans?

If you (or your financial planner) have been considering creating a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT) to avoid gift taxes on financial gifts to family members you may want to read this article from Forbes before you take the final step.  According to author Seth R. Kaplan there has been much talk in Washington of […]

The REAL Reason to Plan Your Estate

We write often on our blog about specific pieces of the estate planning whole: elder law, retirement planning, estate administration, etc… But sometimes it’s important to pull back and look at the big picture—to remind ourselves why we’re doing all this in the first place. And the plain truth is that there is one main […]

Does Marriage Matter in Estate Planning?

How much does “marriage” matter when it comes to estate planning?  The recent California court ruling on gay marriage has thrown marriage and its meaning once again into the limelight, and has many people thinking about what marriage means on a legal level.   Anyone who pays taxes knows that your marital status matters to the […]

Will Long-Term Care Living Arrangements Prevent You from Leaving an Inheritance?

In our last post we wrote about what matters most when choosing a long-term care living situation, suggesting that it’s not always the place that matters most, but the mind-set of the elderly person who will be living there, and how involved that person is in the decision-making process. However, this does not mean that […]