Stay Current and You’ll Stay Protected

In many of our previous posts we’ve stressed the importance of keeping your estate planning documents up-to-date.  Changes to the law, as well as changes to your own personal, medical and financial status can wreak havoc on a well-crafted estate plan if these changes aren’t addressed.  A good rule of thumb is to have your […]

Back to Basics: Forethought and Planning Prevent a World of Hurt

Wills and estate plans are always touchy subjects among family simply because they can have so much hidden meaning… at least that’s what heirs often think:  I got mom’s jewelry but my sister got a cash gift—does that mean mom loves her more than me? What’s wrong with me that Dad didn’t choose me as […]

Senate Considers Option to Prepay Estate Taxes

2010 has been anything but ordinary as far as the estate tax is concerned.  First there was the unexpected repeal of the estate tax (unexpected not because the repeal was unplanned, but because nobody expected it to actually happen), then the idea that congress could reinstate the estate tax and make it effective retroactively, and […]

Harvard or Shady Oaks? How to Choose Your Financial Priorities

There are any number of things for which you can be earning and saving money: investments, retirement, college, a home, a car, the current high-tech gadget… The thought of it all is enough to make a person dizzy!  So how do you decide what are the most important things for your family’s financial happiness and […]

Stuck In The Middle: Caring For Aging Relatives

“Too rich for most government-funded social programs and not rich enough to pay for full-time, long-term care services.” Does this sound familiar?  It is exactly the kind of financial situation most elderly find themselves in today, and one which requires many adult children who are still raising their own kids to also care for their […]

Prenups Help With Happily Ever After

A lot of what we as estate planners do is help you protect your assets: We help you protect your assets for your children when you die, we help you protect your assets when you are elderly and need long term or nursing care, we help you protect your business or investment assets from frivolous […]

Estate Tax Deal Falls Apart is reporting that, according to Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), an agreement between Senate Democrats and Republicans on an estate tax proposal has fallen apart. Quoting Senator Kyl: "We no longer have an agreement because the Democratic side has decided that unless a matter has a guaranteed majority of Democratic votes going in, […]

Trade Like A Man, Save Like A Woman

How will you be planning for your retirement? According to CNBC your gender could play a bigger role than you think in your retirement plan. While of course not everyone will adhere to gross generalizations, studies have shown that men and women do have a tendency to take a different approach to saving and investing […]

Take Action in the Face of Estate Tax Uncertainty

If you’ve been reading our blog regularly then you know that the 2010 estate tax repeal has caused no end of confusion and uncertainty; not only for those who have been dealing with probate and trust administration since the tax was first repealed, but also for those who are trying to think ahead and do […]

Robin Hood Lives On: Tax Breaks to Help Your Family

It may seem like you just can’t catch a break when it comes to paying taxes, but according to this article in the Wall Street Journal there are a few little known tax breaks that could end up saving your family money.  Some are new—so new, in fact, that it is still before the Senate—such […]