Family Feuds: Your Estate Plan Can Save Your Kids’ Relationship

Parents want to think the best of their children, but the fact is that many adult children lose their perspective in the wake of the death of a parent and end up permanently damaging their sibling relationships.  When mom or dad dies the hurt and emotion takes over; insecurities come out, deep-seated rivalries make themselves […]

A “Graying Trend” In Caregiving

What will you be doing when you’re 73?  If you think you will have earned the right to have someone take care of you, think again; you may end up serving as a caregiver for someone else.  A recent article in the New York Times describes a new trend in caregiving: the elderly are being […]

Your Family Is One-Of-A-Kind; Your Estate Plan Should Be As Well

According to statistics the average U.S. family size is 3.2 members.  The median age of a man upon his first marriage is 28.1, the median age of a woman is 25.9.  Also according to statistics, approximately 60% of couples own their home, 70.7% of mothers with children under the age of 18 go back to […]

Sharing Your Passion With The People Who Matter

What is your passion? Do you love reading and collecting books?  Are you a rabid coin or stamp collector?  Do you find peace and tranquility out tending your garden? Whatever it is that you love to do in your “off time”, you can bet the people closest to you know it.  These are the people […]

Real Estate Investments Bring Real Long-Term Value to Families

If there is one way to be sure money stays in the family and grows over time it is through real estate. Despite the year-to-year ups and downs of the real estate market, the value of real property continues to grow over the long term. Real estate is often considered a comparatively easy way to […]

Help For Caregivers: 10 Steps Toward Taking Care of Yourself

The number of people serving as caregivers has exploded in recent years, and according to PR Newswire the number of caregivers now tops 65 million people (29% of the population of the US.)  This includes people providing care for elderly adults, special needs children, young adults with disabilities, and more. These caregivers are people who […]

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Guardian for Your Child

Choosing a guardian for your children is one of the most difficult things you may ever have to do as a parent, and if you have a special needs child the task is even more difficult.  From parenting style to living situation to your gut feeling about this person’s ability to love your child as […]

Tax Tips to Benefit YOUR Family

Tax day is coming up quickly, are you ready to file?  And just as important—are you taking advantage of all the savings and deductions available to you? Most people who do their own taxes are unaware of some of the lesser-known deductions which can help you save money come tax-time. We have a couple of […]

Will You Be Able To Afford Old Age?

Are you ready for the financial implications that come with growing older? As the average American lifespan grows longer the cost of aging becomes more and more prohibitive. A recent segment on NBC’s The Today Show is takes a close look at long-term care and the price individuals and couples are required to pay as […]

One More BIG Reason to Have a Health Care Directive

Do you have a health care directive?  If not, the Los Angeles Times has just given you one more reason to create one: Advance directives for end-of-life care result in preferred treatment. That’s right, according to the recent article; those people who have recorded their wishes for end-of-life treatment have their wishes followed by agents […]