It’s Never Too Early to Start Thinking About Retirement

Every parent wants to teach their children fiscal responsibility, but it’s not always easy to impress upon live-for-the-now youngsters the concept of saving for a rainy day. Certainly teaching by example is one tried and true method; another is practice. But can a 15 to 21 year old really practice saving for retirement? Of course […]

When and Why You Might Turn Down An Inheritance

Would you ever turn down an inheritance? Your first reaction might be “Of course not!” But don’t speak too soon. Most estate plans are created at least in part to protect heirs (generally spouses and children) from the sometimes devastating blow of estate taxes; but with the estate tax in a confusing state of flux […]

The Not Quite Empty Nest Syndrome

It’s that time of year when many high school seniors are starting to prepare for graduation and eventually to head off to college; these seniors are close to turning—or in some cases have already turned—eighteen.  It’s almost time to spread their wings, leave the nest, and be on their own… … Except that most 18 […]

10 Tips for Potential (or Existing) Trustees

The creation of a trust and estate plan includes spending a certain amount of time choosing the people who will be your fiduciaries—the people who will carry out your wishes.  One of the most important fiduciaries is your trustee, who is involved in just about every aspect of the administration of your trust. Most people […]

News and Updates About the Estate Tax

A month and a half into 2010 and Congress’ failure to stop the lapse in estate tax is still making waves. These two trusted news sources explain why having “no estate tax” this year should worry you. One of the first reasons you should be worried, as revealed by this article in the Wall Street […]

Make Your Memoirs a Part of Your Legacy

As members of a melting-pot nation, Americans place a high value on family stories and history.  We love to know when and why our ancestors came to this country from “the home land”; but we also enjoy the simple stories about how mom and dad met, or how grandpa served in the military.  These stories […]

Make your Estate Plan About Values

It’s easy to see, when creating an estate plan, how important it is to protect and pass on your assets, but a good estate planner knows that a will or a trust is not all about assets.  In fact, for all of the technical and financial language you may find in your will or trust, […]

Handing Over the Keys to the Kingdom

It goes without saying that nobody wants to give up control of their finances and put themselves at the mercy of someone else’s decisions; which is why most people spend hours and hours considering who to name as their agent when they sign a power of attorney.  But what happens if you pick the wrong […]

The Question of Competence

One of the things estate planning attorneys have to deal with in their line of work (most often with elderly clients) is the question of whether or not a client is competent to sign their legal documents. Every principal (or person executing the documents) must be competent, and most attorneys—most people—can make this assessment based […]

The Family That Plans Together Saves Together

According to the New York Times, “an estimated 38 million Americans provide care to an aging relative.” With numbers like this you would think this would be a frequent topic of conversation within families, but this is rarely the case.  Unfortunately, because we tend to avoid the uncomfortable subject of our parents aging, most families […]