Imagine No Estate Tax

The federal estate tax is scheduled to disappear next year (in 2010); and although most people expect lawmakers to pass legislation keeping the estate tax alive, they also vaguely hope that the estate tax (also sometimes called the “death tax”) does disappear—at least for a little while. But this article in the Wall Street Journal […]

Changes that require reviewing your will, living trust or estate plan

Many people breathe a sign of relief once their estate plan documents are completed.  However, many changes during the course of your life may affect your estate plan.  If any of the following changes occurs, you should have a probate lawyer review its potential effect on your will, living trust, and estate plan to determine […]

What To Do If You Suspect Foul Play

The movies have given people certain expectations when it comes to a death in the family and probating a will; this Hollywood portrayal includes an attorney, a book-lined office, and the entire family assembled for a formal reading of the will which ends in shocked gasps as the entire fortune goes to an unknown and […]

The Dangers of Neglecting Your Estate Plan

Many people think that there’s no need to update your estate plan documents if none of your beneficiaries or fiduciaries have changed, but that’s exactly the kind of thinking that can lead to disaster.  Estate planning documents are based not only on your own wishes, but also on federal and state tax laws.  When we […]

How to Pay for A Divorce Attorney

The Maryland Divorce Crier writes a great post about how to pay for a divorce lawyer:  That’s a question I get a lot.  How do you hire a divorce attorney when you have no money?  Here are some answers: Second and third jobs Cash in all savings Borrow from pension Sell Assets Borrow from friends […]

The IRS Provides One More Reason to Consider Long-Term Care Insurance

In the estate planning business we help people plan for the future, not only for their children and heirs but for themselves as well; which is why we are pleased to share the news that it just got a little bit easier to plan for your own financial future, because according to this article on […]

Trust Mill Con-Men Fined $6.4M for Illegal Practice of Law

The Ohio Supreme Court has recently taken strong action against two co-owners in a company participating in an illegal “trust mill” operation. According to this article from the Associated Press, the two owners, Jeffrey and Stanley Norman, have been permanently barred from marketing or selling their trust products in Ohio after they were found to […]