Parties Should Update Life Insurance Following Divorce

One of the areas often overlooked in divorce is updating life insurance and estate planning documents after the divorce is finalized.  A recent case from the U.S. District Court for the 9th Circuit demonstrates the risk of not doing this. Jerry Ortiz was a police officer who divorce his first wife.  The final divorce decree […]

Roseville Divorce Attorney discusses how NOT to obtain evidence for a custody case

TIP:   Don’t implant a recording device in your child’s teddy bear in the hope of recording incriminating evidence against your former spouse.  The Wall Street Journal blog reported here of a Nebraska case in which the child’s mother did just that.   The judge presiding in the case refused to listen to the evidence, reasoning that […]

Social Networking and Discovery, Part III

I have previously written about social networking and discovery in family law cases.  Tamara Thompson over at Thompson Investigations recently wrote about the same topic in the December 2008 issue of Law Technology News.  You can find her article here.